Meet the Teacher: Mr. Wake


Marcela Alfaya

Mr.Wake smiles in his classroom for a picture.

Marcela Alfaya, Staff Writer

Mr. Wake is the only teacher left who has been working at Santaluces since it opened in 1982. In combination with his years at other schools, he’s been teaching science for a whopping total of 39 1/2 years.

Not knowing what he wanted to do when he was in college, Mr. Wake went to an orientation for those who didn’t have majors (non-majors), and took a primitive computer placement test. His results told him that he is best suited to be a science teacher. With this information in mind and the fact that he loves science, nature, and teaching, he spent his first two years of schooling at North Michigan University and his last two at Michigan State.

Anyone who has ever been in Mr. Wake’s Environmental Science classroom would know that he isn’t like other conventional teachers. Mr. Wake always tries his hardest to make his students smile and when asked what he does to keep his class different, he said “I’m nice to all of my students, even when they’re not nice to me. I smile and I have a good time with the kids cause I can have a good sense of humor.” It’s not hard to tell when a teacher loves their job, and it’s clear Mr. Wake likes his colleagues and the students in his classroom. According to Miguel Cardenas, a senior who had his class, “There is so much to like about this class, he’s such a caring person and he cares for all of his students”

Although he can only legally teach for two more years, Mr. Wake plans to continue enjoying his work. Due to his immense love for dogs, he wants to become a dog walker or something dog-related after he retires.


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