Chiefs Football Loses Their 5 Game Streak


Rudolph Civil

Chiefs defense gets a team tackle on the wide receiver.

Rudolph Civil, Staff Writer

The Chiefs lost to Boca Raton High School, 42-28. Tae’nard Boyd was able to score 3 back to back touchdowns, running over 50 yards each. Vincent Hetrick scored a reviving touchdown. Boyd ran for 270 yards, and scored 3 touchdowns.

During the first half, the Chiefs trailed the Bobcats 20-14. Chiefs defense blocked a field goal kick, while Boyd scored two touchdowns. In the second half, the Bobcats achieved three more touchdowns, even earning a two point conversion. The Chiefs scored two more touchdowns by Boyd and Hetrick. Because of the lack of defense by the Chiefs, they ended up losing the game.

Next week, Boca Raton plays Spanish River while the Chiefs play Their divisions rivals Park Vista.


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