“Once on This Island” is Coming to Santaluces

Christopher Vargas, Staff Writer

For this year’s musical, the Santaluces musical theater group is producing “Once on This Island”. It’ll be performed February 27th, 28th and 29th. The musical “Once on This Island” is a Caribbean retelling of the timeless tale “The Little Mermaid” with a twist. 

The central plot is similar but not quite the same as “The Little Mermaid.” It centers around an orphan named Ti Moune who falls in love with a rich man named Daniel. However, because of his upper-class background, Ti Moune is an outcast. However divine powers get involved and high jinks ensue.

The main cast has expressed their interest in the various roles and the musical itself.  

Chloe Dower’s character Andrea is engaged to Daniel, which creates a whole set of problems on their own.

“She is from the richer side of the island so she is condescending towards others.”

The difference of class is an underlying theme of the one-act musical, with many of the character being from diverse economic backgrounds.

Summer Wadeliegh’s character Erzulie is the one of the gods in the musical. 

“She’s the goddess of love and stands with Ti Moune and starts advocating for her from the very beginning for her love for Daniel on the other side of the island. Despite that, he has more money than her.” 

Chambel Sena Mendez is playing Daniel, the main love interest. 

“Daniel is the main love interest for Ti Moune, and he is from the wealthier side of the island but that doesn’t stop their love. After being saved by Ti Moune and getting close to her, Daniel has a choice to make to either be with Ti Moune or marry Andrea, the girl he’s already engaged to.”

Savanna Marcano is the main antagonist, Papa Ge.

“Papa Ge is one of the four gods who rule the island, he is the sly demon of death. And my role in the musical is to kill others. When Daniel washes on shore he is supposed to die but Ti Moune saves him, and I spend the musical chasing them to get their souls.”

Get to know these characters and more starting February 27th, the premiere date for “Once on This Island.” Tickets are on sale now, next to the Little Theater for $10.

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