The Oscars 2020


Sophia Clifton, Staff Writer

On Sunday, February 9th the 92nd annual Oscar awards will premiere live on ABC. This year’s awards’ season is finally coming to its close after months of nominations and anticipation. Audiences have been making their predictions since the nominations were announced in early January. However, most people know what to expect when the big day arrives. 

One of the biggest categories of the night is the ‘Best Motion Picture of the Year.’ The two leading films are 1917 and Parasite. 1917 tells the harrowing story of two soldiers on a mission to deliver a message across enemy lines. The film has already won the ‘Best Drama’ Golden Globe and a BAFTA. However, Parasite could surprise and delight audiences and bring the award home instead. Parasite, written and directed by Bong Joon-ho, tells an interesting story about class and morality. The film is undoubtedly a fan favorite and its win would be far more exciting than 1917’s. 

Another category most viewers can predict are the awards for the best actor and actress. Joaquin Phoenix is most likely bringing home his Oscar on Sunday for his work in Joker. Phoenix has brought home nearly every ‘Best Actor’ award this season and the Oscars will be his big finish. Similarly, Renée Zellweger’s role in Judy will probably earn her a ‘Best Actress’ award. However, in my opinion, Saoirse Ronan is far more deserving of this award than her fellow nominees. Ronan has been nominated for four Oscars in her short career and hasn’t won yet. Her role in Little Women was captivating and touching and is an Oscar-worthy performance if I’ve ever seen one. 

One of the highlights of award season has been Brad Pitt and his hilarious award acceptance speeches. Pitt has been sweeping the ‘Best Actor in a Supporting Role’ awards and delivering his own stand-up along the way. Audiences are more excited about what Pitt will say when he does win than who will be winning the award. This year’s awards’ season has been more entertaining than suspenseful. This is still enjoyable, yet it lacks the usual mystery involved in the big Oscars event. Despite the lackluster season, it has been an amazing year for film.

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