Jordan Foldy

Jordan Foldy getting ready to step up to the plate.

Jordan’s Quarantine

Quarantine has been quite stressful but entertaining at the same time. At first it was hard for me to believe everything that was happening; I was in denial. When things start to stress me out or make me upset I tend to avoid talking about them or acknowledging them. My friends would try to talk to be about it but I would tune out their conversation and try and distract myself with things to do like go to the pool while it was open and think about positive things. I’m still in a  little denial and choose to believe that my softball season isn’t over and we are still going to be able to have our senior events. I’m trying to stay positive but it’s hard when this is everyone’s go to topic. The only person that chooses to keep me positive and distract me from this whole situation is my boyfriend and best friend. My dad chooses to be super negative and think about the worst possible scenario. 

As of now, the last two weeks I distracted myself with all these events like tie dying shirts and having a game night or movie night every night for those two weeks. On the bright side I have been able to spend lots of time with my siblings. I have played video games with my oldest brother Brock, along with LOTS of hide and seek with my younger brother Logan. I’m happy that my dad has had more time to interact with me and my brothers. He allows my two friends to come over and the four of us have had intense UNO matches which keep us all entertained. Even with all this going on and all the stress that this unknown is causing, it’s good to see all these families coming together and going on walks and spending more time with their kids. Even though this stresses me out I’ve been trying to stay positive and hope for the best. 

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