Nia Ford

Marcela’s Quarantine

Honestly, being in quarantine is the absolute worst! I’m currently in the process of moving and my mom has to stay home because she’s a hairdresser and she’s out of work so we have all been packing our stuff up and moving everything to storage. My mom is a machine and she’s always up and moving and I’m extremely lazy so you already know how that’s going. Not to mention we are all home together so tensions tend to get pretty high. For example, when quarantine started my sister and I were always fighting over who would get to be on the Xbox but eventually we just decided we should divide up our time equally. My sister gets it during the day (when we’re packing and there’s no time to be playing) and I get it at night (when everyone is relaxing and I can play as much as I want.) 

I feel as though I’ve been pretty lost in my time quarantined and like I’ve been in the dark. I’ve seen a lot of things on social media but not getting frequent updates from my teachers or even a little email that says they’re unsure of what’s happening is making me really confused. This is mostly because people like to post things that look real but are really fake and it gets spread around making it more believable. Aside from arguing, packing boxes, and being confused, I’ve also been spending a lot of my time staying up late for absolutely no reason and in return paying the price of waking up around 2 pm. I like sleeping a lot however I feel as though I lose my day and I can’t get much done. That’s why I’ve decided to start drawing and doing schoolwork to make myself feel more productive. Sometimes it’s just the little things like getting dressed even though you’ll be staying home all day that makes you feel accomplished. Mostly, during this entire break, I’ve been waiting for school to come back because I miss all of my friends.

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