Santaluces High School

Kailyn Licari

Ricardo Rios receiving the AICE scholar award.

Ricardo’s Quarantine

The quarantine hasn’t actually been a big deal for me. Of course not going to school has messed with my schedule, and the fact that I’ve had to get laid off my job for the time being is an annoyance. My computer has been the source of entertainment for the past two weeks as I’ve been trying to stay home as much as possible. Me and my friends just talk everyday online as we usually do. Frankly not much has changed in terms of my daily routine. 

 Our food situation has also been really annoying since we don’t have a kitchen because when this whole quarantine thing began we started remodeling and we can’t really go out to eat so we’ve resorted to using a little electric plugin stove top. Meanwhile, my mom is still trying to keep open our little restaurant for as long as possible, but it seems to be going okay. 

Going back to school, I see it as one of the major concerns not just for me, but for every student. I personally don’t like this ‘virtual learning’ setup, not because kids don’t have access to the internet at home, but because I don’t think it’s that effective. Seniors that have all their credits are pretty much done at this point and don’t have to bother to do attendance and the same goes for the kids who don’t care about school. Today there were only three kids that actually showed up to one of my teacher’s Google Meets. Another issue is the AICE Diploma. I have two AICE exams that I need to pass this year to get the Diploma and they were cancelled so I have no clue what’s going to happen to that, and I know we are waiting for updates from Cambridge but it’s just a little aggravating. 

Oh yeah and I cleaned my room today.

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