Ethan Jayne

Class Director, Rudolph Civil, holding up the #BeTheKey Key

Rudolph’s Quarantine

I’m not doing too well with this quarantine thing. Physically I feel terrible, not because I’m sick, but I haven’t been to the gym for a long time. My mom called me fat two days ago. I don’t blame her, all I do is watch Netflix and eat. I’ve been doing push-ups now and then, but my biceps are shrinking while my triceps are getting a bit bigger. I just hope that I can go to the gym a month or two before I go to college. I don’t want that freshman body, I want to look like a senior at least a junior. I want other people thinking I’m a transfer, instead of a freshman. I think I’m going to consider this break as my bulking season, but no one bulks before the summer, and this virus changes everything. 

Before the virus I was about 170 pounds with 10-12% body fat and a lot of muscles. I think I’m close to 180 pounds and every added pound is fat. I don’t think I got weaker because I still feel strong, but if I did get weaker, it won’t be by a lot. I’m on the weightlifting team, and our season was postponed indefinitely. I think I can still bench around 190-200 pounds with my current body state, but I definitely cannot clean and jerk around my max of 160 pounds. There’s no way you can clean and jerk your max after three weeks of not working on it. I hope our season gets canceled because I worked so hard to get my body right for the season but now I lost it all. Going back into the season in May would be terrible, trying to lose that much weight while trying to get stronger would drain me physically. It takes sacrifices like late night workouts and waking up late because your body feels terrible and sore. 

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