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Sophia Clifton

Sophia Clifton

Sophia’s Quarantine

This quarantine has had lots of ups and downs for me. I go from being very upset about everything I’m missing to accepting the situation. Sometimes I feel guilty that I’m upset because I know so many people have it much worse than me. However, I also know that my feelings are still valid and I need to acknowledge them. 

All the senior activities that I’ve been looking forward to all year have been cancelled and that’s been very upsetting for me. I already bought a prom dress and prepared for Grad Bash with all my classmates. The fact that my senior year has been ruined is one of the hardest things for me. However, I am still optimistic about my first year of college and what that holds for me.

 I’ve been trying to better myself by picking up some hobbies and improving my mindset. I have a notebook that I’ve been drawing in and a diary to get my thoughts out. I also try to see the bright side of the situation each day. My biggest problem during this quarantine has been my sleep schedule. I’ve found myself up until all hours of the night and sleeping during the day. However, the start of online school will help me with this problem. Having school assignments and projects to complete is also helpful for me because it’s giving me something to do each day. The social aspect is also positive for me because it gives me an opportunity to see some of my classmates like I would normally.

 Everyone has different ways to cope with this time and I think talking about it is helpful for us all. A positive mindset is the most important thing for me personally at this time. Thinking more positive thoughts and executing healthier behaviors is what is keeping me sane for now.

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