Kailyn Licari

Alayna Reddick receiving her AICE diploma and AICE scholar award.

Alayna’s Thanks

To think that I am writing my last story is frankly unbelievable. I have always been the type of person to plan things to perfection, however it turns out my favorite part of school was an accident. I became a part of The Tribe because of a problem with my schedule my junior year. I was always the more math and science focused person but journalism and writing became a hobby. I loved piecing together stories my junior year and eventually an entire website my senior year. 

Another piece of my high school experience was my friends. My friends were always a way for me to laugh like I never have before or to try something new. Some of my favorite memories are going to games with Lauren or making videos with Kailyn. Both experiences were a fun contrast to the stress of school work.

My teachers were the people in my life who always encouraged me to keep going and growing. Whether it was helping me out with an assignment or pushing me to try something new they were the people who knew me best. Between Mrs. Clifton’s encouragement and Mr. Jayne’s humor I was sure to succeed, and teachers like them helped me realize that. 

My greatest memory from high school is from senior year when our football team won the district championship against our rival, Park Vista. In four years our team went from not winning a game to being district champs, something that no one expected. When Lauren and I were in the bleachers, camera and phone in our hands ready to live tweet every moment, we felt the rush of happiness that came with winning. Our senior year was amazing and I could hope for no different. 

Santaluces has provided me with so many opportunities, experiences, and resources, Although we’re flawed, like anyone is, Santaluces is truly a community that anyone should be a part of. Thank you, Santaluces. I hope you remember me.

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