Charlize Quinto

Charlize Quinto

Charlize’s Advice

To begin, it’s insane that my high school career at Santaluces has finally come to an end. It’s true what they say, “those four years will fly by” and they did. For my last story, here’s one piece of valuable advice to all high school students out there, whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior: always stay true to yourself.

You have probably heard it for the millionth time already but being true to yourself is extremely important, especially in high school. 

In these four years, you will undergo many changes, whether it be through your academic, personal, or social life. You’ll face several circumstances where you’re pressured to change, hide, or lie about who you are. The unfortunate social hierarchy or features of high school are baffling. However, focusing on yourself is the only way you’ll stay sane and will help you get the most fulfillment out of high school. Stay focused on your interests that matter, the activities you’re passionate about, and what makes you feel content. It doesn’t matter if it’s not “popular” or “trendy.” Nothing is ever lame. What’s lame is losing yourself. 

Admittedly, I did go through this but I eventually focused on what’s important: me. I do have some regrets but I feel satisfied and fulfilled with my high school experience. I’m very thankful for all the teachers and counselors who have guided me through these four years. I would have never changed anything. 

High school has taught me many valuable lessons like mitochondria being the powerhouse of the cell. Yet, being true to yourself is the most important out of all of them. Thank you, Santaluces. I am thrilled to enter the next chapter of my life!

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