Nia Ford

Chris’ Advice

Throughout my four years of high school I’ve experienced so much. One fact I don’t see many talk about are jobs. Though many people that give advice say schoolwork is the most important thing and it is, another important factor is time management and money budgeting. 

For me personally, one of the most important things to do in your senior year is to have a job before you graduate. It is a great way to earn money for whatever path you choose to do after graduation. It can also give you opportunities to practice budgeting in the real world, though economics classes offered in school provide good insight on how to budget money, applying it in real life is where it counts. 

A part of working your senior year allows you to begin your resume building skills. Each job you have should be added to your resume. Having a job also doesn’t have to be restricted to only jobs and what I mean by that is having internships are phenomenal as well, and in many cases are ideal as they would look amazing on your resume. 

Another major advantage working your senior year gives you is being able to manage your time more efficiently. It is better to get used to the feel of working as well as studying as soon as possible, as you will have to do both in college. It also provides you a personal reflection point to what is more comfortable for you, whether you prefer to work morning shifts or night shifts. This period will allow you to discover this for yourself.  

If you choose to work for a bigger chain company such as either Publix or Walmart and have to move away due to colleges, employee relocation can prove to be beneficial. Having a secured reliable source of income while away in a dorm is ideal but not required. Part of working is to raise money and improve work ethic; feel free to achieve both no matter what part-time job you chose to seek.

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