Santaluces High School

Gevorg Mnatsakanyan and Shayna Garcia both go as Russel and Carl Fredricksen, an iconic duo from Up.

Gevorg’s Thanks

Dear class of 2020 seniors,

We’ve embarked on a crazy journey which ended in such a crazy way. We’ve been through it all, We made amazing stories and memories in our 4 years of high school that we have to hold onto for the rest of our lives. High school saw us walk in as kids and leave as adults. It’s in our lives and it made us into the people we are today. Don’t let anything in life ever turn you down, always find another way to accomplish things if a problem rises and just keep going. Some of us will never see each other again, that’s fine, it’s the memories we hold onto that makes everything okay. I believe class of 2020 is unlike any other and that we definitely made our mark and will always be remembered because of the horrible pandemic that has come into everyone’s lives. We need to embrace that and be proud that we still managed to accomplish everything even though the world was against us. 

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