Nia Ford

Kailyn’s Thanks

I feel like it still hasn’t settled in that I’m actually graduating. It feels like just yesterday I was a tiny freshman excited to experience the “high school life” that I had seen in numerous movies and TV shows. High school has been such an important part of my life as it helped to make me who I am today. Looking back at myself Freshman year is almost like looking at a different person. I’ve met so many people and gone through both good and bad experiences that have allowed me to change myself for the better. Before I leave I want to thank these people who have impacted me and made my high school experience worthwhile. 

Thank you to all my teachers from Freshman to Senior year. You all have made my learning experience the best it possibly could be and always pushed me to do my best. The littlest things you guys do for us really impacts us, like Mrs. Pirchio checking up on us in AICE Environmental or Ms. Mangone staying after class for us APUSH kids. I have to give a special thanks to Ms. Ardner for putting up with me for three years straight and for helping me discover my love of photography and editing.   

Thank you to all the amazing friends and acquaintances I’ve met here at Santaluces. Most of you have stuck with me and my nonsense for 4 years (or more) and I love you for it. Even when things were overwhelming and stressful for me you all helped me to stay positive. One of the highlights of my day was being able to see all of you and it honestly makes me sad that I won’t be able to see you all everyday anymore. 

Lastly, thank you Mrs. Clifton for being one of the most impactful people in my high school experience. My writing improved so much because of you and you made me remember why I love literature and reading so much. Through your classes I was able to meet some of my currently closest friends like Alayna and Madison. I was able to go outside my comfort zone because of Newspaper and TV Production which is a big deal to me. You are just extremely sweet and caring toward all of us AICE kids and it really feels like we’re a little family. Your classes are where I honestly had the most fun during my high school life.

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