Nia Ford

Marcela’s Thanks

Four years has passed a lot faster than I thought it would, and I definitely didn’t think any of my teachers would have as much of an effect on me as they did. I would have liked to visit them all personally in their classrooms but I can’t so instead I’ll be thanking them virtually. I’ve had a positive experience with just about every single teacher at Santaluces but the ones I’d especially like to thank are:

Ms. Pinto, thank you for showing me that someone can be an amazing friend and teacher at the same time. You are someone I will never forget.

Mrs. Clifton, thank you for supporting all of my ideas I’ve brought to you and telling me to run with them. Being in your class makes me want to be a better student.

Ms. Woodward, thank you for always telling me that I could do it and expecting that much out of me, it made me understand that I am always capable of getting what needs to be done if I put my mind to it.

Ms. Tanguay, thank you for helping me make it to graduation, I wouldn’t be where I am without you.

Mrs. Torchon, thank you for showing me that it’s okay to be silly sometimes, just as long as everyone is able to get their work done.

Ms. Ewing, thank you for showing me that math notes can be taken in a way that’s not with words. That completely changed the game for me.

Ms. Jones, thank you for always checking up on my well being every time you saw me, it means the world.

Mrs. Johnson, you don’t work for Santaluces anymore but thank you for teaching me that mental health comes before school, and school comes before sports. I hope we meet again.

Mrs. Holloway, thank you for being the kind of teacher that takes her kids into consideration and not kicking them out the second they misbehave and actually trying to work with them.

Mr. Wake, thank you for acknowledging me as a student and helping me be seen.

Mr. Woods, thank you for constantly supporting the class of 2020 and being a pillar of positivity for the seniors.

Ms. Henderson, thank you for showing me that it’s okay to be a little weird and how to think outside the box. I was a different person last year and I didn’t fully appreciate how you tried to make learning fun and that you were doing your best with a class you just started teaching.

Ms. Mawali, even though it’s your job, thank you for constantly checking up on me and making me feel cared about.

Ms. Mangone, thank you for making history entertaining, every time you spoke to us about an event you were so interested in what you were talking about that you made it seem more like a story than a textbook. I hope one day I can love my job as much as you do.

Mr. Montoya, thank you for reminding me that the staff at Santaluces are much more than that. Ever since I saw you fascinated at the artwork at last year’s Art Show I realized there is so much more to the people at school. You have all of my respect for being one of the nicest APs.

Mr. Ramos, thank you for always hearing both sides to a story and not immediately jumping to conclusions. you give students their chance to defend themselves.

Ms. Rubow, thank you for being the sweetest teacher on campus and always caring for each and every one of your students no matter what. 

Mrs. Crosby, thank you so much for always pushing me to be a better swimmer and always welcoming me into your classroom with open arms. You’re my favorite swim coach, and I’ve been through quite a few.

Mr. CJ, thank you for treating every student you meet as an equal and not as someone who is below you. Not many people treats students like that.

For every single person I’ve met at Santaluces that I’ve listed and to those I haven’t as well, thank you for putting up with me!


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