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DC Comics
Batman was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane under DC Comics and is one of my favorite characters of all time. I have also come to love other characters of the Bat-Family, like Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, Catwoman, and Robin. The Justice League is also an amazing comic book team that has some powerful characters among its lineup, including Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash.

Bollywood Movies
I have grown up watching many Bollywood movies, especially back in the days when DVDs were much more common. Even though they can be incredibly cliché, they never fail to make me smile and cringe at the same time. My favorite actors are Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and Ranveer Singh; any movie with them in it is sure to make me love it. Also, one of my favorite movies is Raees which features Shah Rukh Khan and is available on Netflix!

Domino’s Stuffed Cheesy Bread
Whenever my family orders pizza, I never eat a slice of the pizza they get. I always order a separate cheesy bread just for myself and find myself fully content. The mozzarella and cheddar cheese melted at the perfect temperature? The crispy crust? The sprinkling of romano cheese on top? PERFECTION.

This is definitely one of the best chain restaurants because of its wide variety of options. As a vegetarian, it’s difficult to find places that have good options without all of them involving some kind of salad. Chipotle solves this problem for me because I don’t always have to go with the salad option, and it is somewhat healthy. I always get a bowl with white rice, black beans, queso, mild salsa, corn, sour cream, guacamole, and *extra* cheese.

Harry Potter
Before quarantine, I shared with one of my friends that I never read any of the Harry Potter books. She brought me the first book after I asked her for it, and I have been hooked on the series since then. Even during quarantine, another friend offered to give me the last part of the series and some of the movies. I love the idea of a young boy and his friends saving the world, one spell at a time.

I was very into makeup during middle school and never failed to show up with a full face at any family party. However, as I started high school, I found myself busier on the weekends and did not want to put in the time and effort to put on makeup for one of these parties. Over quarantine, I found myself down a rabbit hole of watching videos by makeup artists teaching their refined techniques. These videos helped rekindle my love for makeup and how to do it even better.

Lehengas are my favorite style of South Asian clothing. It has a long skirt, which is the actual lehenga, a fitted blouse, and a long piece of decorated fabric called a dupatta. These can be extremely simple or adorned with embroidery and jewels. This style is my favorite because of its versatility and classic look.

Lately, I’ve been watching old UFC fights on YouTube. UFC stands for “Ultimate Fighting Championship”, and features some of the best fighters and martial artists in the world. All of the competitors come from different cultural and training backgrounds, which is interesting to see when they fight. My favorite fighter is Khabib Normagomedov as he is amazing at Sambo, a Russian martial art. Nurmagomedov is also a dedicated Muslim, who is never afraid to display his faith.

I have loved flowers and anything having to do with them. I am a sucker for anything with floral prints, especially clothes. The amount of times I have stopped by a store just to look at something with *some* kind of floral print is somewhat concerning. Of course, real flowers also fall into this category; my favorites are asters, lavender, and daffodils.

Gel Pens
While in high school, I discovered the importance of finding a good pen to write assignments. I always annoyed my mom whenever I bought new pens from Walmart or Target because she thought I already “bought pens last time”. BUT she did not understand that some pens skip when writing, explode black ink on your hand or even refuse to work. I think I have found a *decent* pen this year: the Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Pen.

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