Fireworks going off behind the year “2018” (Creative Commons)
Fireworks going off behind the year “2018”

Creative Commons

Ask Mica: New Year, New Resolutions

December 18, 2018

Another year has gone by fast and I’m sure many of us are excited to leave it behind. Along with the many abandoned resolutions of the previous year following closely behind, everyone is anticipating that this year will be different. Most of these resolutions follow along the lines of losing weight, eating healthier, saving money and more. The phrase “new year, new me” is brought up frequently around this time of year; however, how many people try to actually accomplish them?¬†Everyone claims that this upcoming year is “their year” and then fall into the endless cycle of not achieving their goals they promised to themselves countless times before.

From a teenage wreck herself, I have fallen victim to empty promises made every year. But this year I have accumulated several strategies to staying on the right track.

Step 1: Realize what you’re doing wrong. Self-realization is key to fixing any issues, especially not following resolutions. Learn from your past mistakes last year and grow from it. Find out what makes you give up on your goal and change it.

Step 2: Make a list. Write down realistic goals and place it somewhere you’ll see it everyday. Having it fresh in your mind will make you more likely to follow it, and eventually it will turn into a routine. Crossing items of a list can make people feel more accomplished and making people want to continue completing the rest.

Step 3: Reward yourself for each accomplishment. Training your mind to associate completing goals with positive reinforcement can make you want to complete them. Repeat this cycle to ensure your success.

Step 4: Tell others. if you post online, you will be held accountable for completing goals, such as losing weight. This can also lead to compliments that will make you feel good about yourself. Friends can also motivate you and help you stay on track.

I hope you are able to follow these steps which will potentially lead you to a successful new year!

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