Melanie Guzman

Melanie Guzman

Chiefs’ Softball Player: Melanie Guzman

Height: 5’6

Sport: Softball

Position: First Base

College Interests: UF, UCF

Best Accomplishment: “My best accomplishment would be getting a grand slam at the end of the game ultimately leading my team to earn a win.”

How long have you been playing softball for?

“I have been playing for ten years.”

What made you want to start playing softball?

“My dad always played baseball which influenced me to start playing at the age of eight years old and I haven’t stopped playing ever since.”

What advice would you give to young softball players?

“Although it may be hard in the beginning learning plays and new techniques, it all works out in the end after being consistent with practice.”

Would you like to continue softball in college?

“Sadly, no because I would like to focus more on school but I definitely had a good time while playing throughout high school.”


Melanie Guzman (Photo provided by Melanie Guzman)



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