Randi Goldman

COS: Amelia Truman

March 1, 2017

“My favorite memory would probably have to have been during winter break this year. My sister attempted to ‘slurf’, which is what she calls the mix between sliding and surfing. Before she started, she told me to watch her. Thankfully, I had my phone on and I was using snapchat to capture the moment. I started recording just in time to watch her face plant into the snow. After this, my sister persuaded me to try ‘slurfing’. I ended up rolling into a pile of snow, off of the board. I got snow everywhere. I consider this to be my favorite memory because I had a lot of fun, and I gained good memories from this trip. I also like it because I think it shows how much fun you can have with different people. It was also a very good bonding experience between my sister and I. It is something that I don’t think i’ll forget any time soon.

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