Escape Room Movie 2019

January 11, 2019

The drama/mystery “Escape Room” is the first film hit of 2019. The premise of the movie is that six strangers take the opportunity to experience a escape room,  where they solve puzzles with the chance to win $10,000.  The rooms thought out the movie then takes a dark turn towards living or dying.

As a whole the movies sticks to the plot but is fairly predictable if you pay well enough attention. When watching the movie you learn that all the characters are connected in a unexpected and unique way, which leads to a twist that alters the movies plot. The cinematography is really spectacular as well, with the way the rooms were laid out like, the room thats shown to be upside-down.

The film has a concept similar to Saw but was executed with less gore. The movie also has similarities to Final Destination with every action leading to a great downfall. Even though Escape Room has similarities to other franchise it is unique with its own twist on those similarities. If you stick to the very end of the movie you find out that it leaves a cliffhanger which alludes the possibility of a sequel film.

If your into the Saw or Final Destination franchise but don’t want all the gore Escape Room is the movie for you. 


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