Super Bowl Commercials: The Best And The Worst

February 9, 2019


Alicia DeMar

The Super Bowl commercials of 2019 were both good and bad.

The Super Bowl is one of the top anticipated events out of the entire year for America. Everyone roots for their team or the team they want to win by throwing big parties and having a ton of food. But something that is oddly very important on Super Bowl Sunday is the commercials. Each year companies fight for a spot in the Super Bowl Sunday schedule with more elaborate and extremely funny commercials than normal. This year, there were some great commercials that were comedic and clever. But there were also some that weren’t.

The Top 3:

  1. NFL- “100 Years”- The NFL did it right with this commercial as they had a room of NFL legends tackling one another for the golden ball. As you watch you get to see so many different players; it’s almost as if it was an ” I Spy” game. The commercial even featured a fifteen year old girl football player.
  2. The Washington Post- “Democracy Dies In Darkness”- This commercial was different from the rest as it was simple but impactful. It reminded people of the power of journalism and why it matters. It wasn’t comedic or witty. It was a straightforward representation of what journalism is.
  3. Amazon- “Not Everything Makes The Cut”- This commercial was one of the funnier ones with Alexa from Amazon being the star of the show (as usual). The commercial had all of the failed Alexa expansions including a hot tub and a dog collar. It even featured Harrison Ford which is a win all in itself.

The Bottom 3:

  1. Olay- “Killer Skin”– As Olay’s first ever Super Bowl commercial, “Killer Skin” was a bit of a disappoint. The commercial had a teaser trailer that seemed to be played before every video I watched on my phone. This made the commercial highly anticipated at least for me and seeing the entire commercial was underwhelming. For one, the surprise factor was not there and being a parody of a scary movie is a bit unoriginal. And using Buffy from “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” was an absolute fail.
  2. Pepsi- “More Than OK”– Watching this advertisement, you’d think it was a success with big stars like Cardi B and Steve Carell. However, the message of the commercial made no sense. The idea was that Pepsi is more than okay as stated in the title. But why would a company ever strive for anything but the best. Super Bowl commercials are meant to have concepts and stories. This Pepsi commercial just seemed to miss the memo.
  3. Stella Artois- “I’ll Have A Stella Artoes”– This commercial had all the right ingredients for a good Super Bowl commercial. But, the nostalgia didn’t feel right as Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude appeared.  Maybe Carrie should stick to the cocktails.

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