Choosing a college major can be a challenge for all students (Alicia DeMar)
Choosing a college major can be a challenge for all students

Alicia DeMar

I Don’t Know What My College Major Should Be. And That’s Okay.

October 29, 2018

As a senior in high school, you would think that I have an idea of what my major will be in college. But I have no clue. And honestly, do I need to know?

Growing up, I went through many phases of “things I want to be when I grow up”. I wanted be a professional gymnast but my height said otherwise. I wanted to be a veterinarian but my tolerance for seeing sad animals was low. I even wanted to be a teacher so bad that I made my bedroom look like a classroom, to the best of my abilities of course. And for a short period of time in elementary school, I wanted to be a writer. All of these are still possible today (minus the gymnast thing) yet none of them excite me in the way I feel like they should.

Being in high school, everyone talks about their plans after graduating. Most say they are going to college and most have a major in mind and in turn they have their top college choices and even grad school ideas. For me, I have a flexible list of colleges based solely on if the school is in my state and if it’s appealing to the eye. Being unsure of a major makes me feel like I’m lacking an important part of the entire college process.

I sit in front my computer spending days on college applications. I arrive to the question that asks for my college major interests or more bluntly sometimes to pick my major from a long list of choices. I scroll looking at the many choices that seem cool but not for me. I come across the option that says “undecided”. Normally, I’d be okay with picking the neutral option had this been a survey or an opinion quiz on the internet. But it’s not. It’s an application that a college will judge if my personality and character are fit for them. Picking “undecided” feels like an assumption will be made that I’m an indecisive person in general. I’ve only ever seen this as a bad thing, but in the case, why should it be?

Being undecided on my major is hardly as bad of a thing as people make it out to be. I mean how many people switch their majors once or even multiple times in their college career. A lot. And going in with open arms I am open to nearly anything. I can take so many different classes that appeal or don’t appeal to my interests. Who knows what I’ll find myself interested with in the future. Maybe the best route for me is biology or somehow I’m destined to be the next Elle Woods. Either way, it’s completely okay for me to be unsure about my major.


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