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Meet The Teacher: Ms.Matuella

November 15, 2018

Meet The Teacher: Ms.Matuella

Santaluces High School is filled with great teachers and administrators. However, there are a handful of teachers who take the cake. Ms.Matuella is one of these teachers.

What inspires you to be a better teacher?

“Making relationships with my students is the most important thing to me. I had SO many teachers that helped me become who I am today, most of the time because they helped me with things outside of school.  I want to do the same and have a good relationship with my students to help them be them best they can be in and out of school.”

If you could take your students anywhere out of the United States where would it be?

“I’ve never really been anywhere outside of the United States … so I would love to bring my students to New York to see Anastasia or Broadway. We just learned about the Russian Revolution and they were so interested in it! They know how nerdy I am about Anastasia and they would probably love it!”

What are some of your favorite memories from high school?

“Mrs.Rubow’s rollercoasters! I have more than a handful of memories … the FCAT pep rallies, my musical theater class, going to Disney with the chorus. I was not in chorus but I got to go because Mr.A loved me.”

What made you want to become a teacher?

“The teachers who taught me, such as, Ms.Palmer and Mrs.Clifton. I wanted to teach because I wanted to help kids how my teachers helped me.”

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

“Ten years from now … OMG. I have no idea. Probably have another dog? LOL. Seriously though, I want to work up to an administrator, so maybe I’ll be there by then.”




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