Florida’s governor-elect Ron DeSantis (Left) and current governor Rick Scott (Right) (flgov.com)
Florida’s governor-elect Ron DeSantis (Left) and current governor Rick Scott (Right)


Republicans Take Governor And Senate Seat In Florida

November 13, 2018

As the midterm elections come to an end, new and old faces take their seats as senators, house representatives, or governors. In Florida, a tight race for governor took place as Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis campaigned vigorously for the seat; each had rather famous endorsers including Donald Trump for DeSantis and Barack Obama for Gillum. In the race for the senate seat, Democrat Bill Nelson and Republican Rick Scott campaigned. Nelson was running to continue his  17 years as Florida’s  senator and Rick Scott was running after 8 years as Florida’s governor.

Ron DeSantis


 Ron DeSantis:

Ron DeSantis has currently beat Andrew Gillum in the election for governor by .4% although a recount is still occurring. Once governor, DeSantis plans to work closely with Trump and has several plans for Florida’s future. DeSantis plans to oppose tax increase, continue the opposition of Medicaid, work to reduce toxic algae discharge, restore the everglades, and has the responsibility of filling three vacancies on the Florida Supreme Court.


Rick Scott

Rick Scott:

Rick Scott has currently beat out Bill Nelson for the senate seat by .2% but a recount is still occurring. Once in the senate seat,Scott plans to continue his push for a tax decrease in Florida to allow for more employment. He also plans to push tougher security measures at the border, increase environmental spending, and continue opposition to Medicaid.


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