New 2019 ID Procedures
New 2019 ID Procedures

New 2019 ID Protocols

March 12, 2019

Why are IDs important for students to wear in schools?

IDs provide identification for the individuals and help authorities to see who belongs and who does not belong at Santaluces.


  1. If you forget your ID before school starts then you can go to the media center and get a new one for five dollars. You will not get any violations until the first bell rings.
  2. Once the first bell rings and you do not have your ID, then you will need to go to the Student Services to get a “NO ID Violation.” You will also be given a pass to your teachers to show them why you are late to class. During your lunch period, you need to go to the Media Center to buy a new ID. (You will need to show Ms. Carol your violation to be able to get the new ID).


Remember that if you do not return to your class after the ID violation then you will be given a discipline referral.  Also, the consequences are issued progressively and students will be tract on the tracking system. This system will count the numbers of “NO ID” violations, tardy or dress code and will be given the proper consequences as it accumulates.


In addition, this will allow administrators to issue level 3 consequences immediately. So Chiefs, remember to wear your IDs!


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