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The Spot – PureWave

February 25, 2019



This is the Pure Wave Company’s logo.

“SUPERCHARGE YOUR CELLS” is a statement that sounds terrifying to the public. This place uses peaceful therapy to help rejuvenate your cells. One of the treatments is called the PureWave treatment, filling the body with good natural waves without any side effects.

Our cells are affected by the physical, chemical, bacterial, and various other objects that come in contact with our body. One of the biggest problems is wireless objects and how high the voltage is. Scientific studies state that with the voltage of -60Mv, our cells will mostly likely be weakened. Cancer cells are produced when our body cells produces -20Mv. Our cells are like batteries: they are weakened when they are not fully charged.

Another scientific study says that EMF Radiation, or Electrosmog Radiation, is a silent killer to the body. Us humans do not notice how much radiation goes through our bodies. Using wireless objects such as cell phones, televisions and Wi-Fi decrease the good health of our cells. Scientific studies state that using wireless technology affects the blood, the heart and the autonomic nervous system.

This company claims that “Our Therapy Helps Protect From The Effects of Harmful ‘Interfering Fields’ EMFs (Electrosmog).” They have a variety of amazing products that help protect humans. These products can hopefully help athletes with their concussions and other problems with the human body.


  1. Full Body Therapy System: $4000; this comes with a controller, a full body applicator, a small applicator field pad, and a carry case. “The entire home system, control unit including the two applicators (body mat and cushion) fits into the very high-quality carrying case. The bag is also made of tear-resistant material with double stitching. A circumferential flexible protection strip protects the seams from possible wear.”
  2. Travel Therapy: It comes with a handy control unit with a built-in rechargeable battery, a charger, and a pillow applicator for local body treatment.
  3. PEMF Pen Applicator: $400, The QRS wand applicator is used for local and punctual treatment, such as with the joints, the fingers, the teeth and other small areas.
  4. PEMF Eyeglasses: Used to treat or beautify the eye environment and reduction of dark circles and wrinkles may be achieved. This effect is likely due to the circulation-promoting effect on the ocular environment.
  5. PEMF Headphones: The QRS Headphones are used for targeted improvement of the arterial circulation of the ear environment.



1014 Gateway Blvd, Boynton Beach, Florida 33426

Phone Number:

(561) 965-7777

CEO, QRS-Direct/ PureWave- “Toni Goren”

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