The senior powderpuff team runs into the gym during a pep rally (Nia Ford)
The senior powderpuff team runs into the gym during a pep rally

Nia Ford

Ask Mica: Getting Back On Schedule After the Holidays

January 17, 2019

Returning back to your regular routine after spending two weeks in winter break where school barely crossed anyone’s mind may seem tedious. But luckily it is not impossible, after putting several things into consideration  you will be back on track in no time. Keep in mind despite summer feeling as if it is just finger tips away, slacking off and falling behind should be top priority of what to avoid doing. Here are several ways to get back on track smoothly.

  1. Maintain a planner. Starting the new year by staying organized and being aware of the things that you need to get done will guarantee that they will be completed.
  2. Sleep early. Getting the proper amount of sleep needed for waking up before the sun is even out will make your mornings easier. It will also ensure that you will be more focused and actually learn in the duration of your school day.
  3. Study material you learned before the break. Refreshing yourself on previously learned information will help you be more prepared to learn new material in your classes and make the transition of retaining it easier.
  4. Do not procrastinate! Procrastination is the number one way of falling behind when starting a new semester. See the bright side of it, despite it means school beginning again it also means a fresh start.
  5. Eat breakfast! Breakfast is the most common meal missed by students because they never have time in the morning. Having breakfast before school keeps you more awake and energized in school. If you are in a rush, take advantage of the free breakfast offered in school.
  6. Set academic goals. Make goals that reasonably exceed how you did the previous semester. Setting the bar for the next year should make you want to go above and beyond.

Adding one or two of these ways to your routine can help you stay on track for the remainder of the school year. Good luck, Chiefs!

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