Need a Charge? Visit the Media Center

March 10, 2017

If you’ve been Snap-chatting or Tweeting through the morning and your battery is near empty, you’re in luck. There is now a charging station in the media center.

The charging station is located in the Media Center and can be accessed before school, during all three lunches, and after school. Ms. Moe emphasizes that there will be no access to the station during class, and shouldn’t be a reason to leave class. It can charge the old and new iPhone generations and all Android devices, accounting for everyone’s needs.

This new feature has been sponsored by Sylvan Learning Center who specializes in tutoring and college help.

“There’s so many times that my phone dies and I’m stuck without a charger,” said senior Jonathan Serna. “It makes my life easier to have that backup plan.”

It’s important to remember that everyone is responsible for their own devices, and the school is not responsible for any devices lost or stolen. So make sure to remain close and keep an eye on your cell phone. If you’re in need of a charger during the day, come check out the new station and save your battery life.

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