Rune Wauchope

Nineteen seniors will be graduating with the AICE Diploma this year.

2023 AICE Diploma Recipients

The AICE Diploma is awarded by Cambridge University after students complete a minimum of seven AICE courses and pass their succeeding exams. These awards are internationally recognized, and in Florida, it is one of the requirements to receive the Bright Futures scholarship.

This year, nineteen Seniors in Santaluces High School were rewarded with the diploma, while others may receive it if they pass their upcoming exams. Some of those who’ve been rewarded with the diploma have each talked about their experience in acquiring the AICE Diploma and their advice to those who hope to receive it below.

Kyra Cabello
Kamilah Carnegie
Janet Charqueno Gonzalez
Kyle Joseph
Tamara Lopez
Ashley Paul
Marie Pierre
Angie Pleitez
Brycelyn Richter
Adny Sonceau
Joeco Tabernilla
Ronique Wauchope
Ariana Jordan Bevilacqua
Mario Toth
Toren Monroe

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