Shaina Francis

This Spring Break is coming after a very tiresome third quarter of Junior year. Junior year is the most difficult year and it is definitely showing in me right now. For this Spring Break I am staying home and relaxing, just trying to recover before the final quarter of this exhausting year. Traveling over this break is an exhausting ordeal so rather than traveling up to Orlando or down to the Keys I am staying in Lake Worth.

My mom is going on a week-long cruise so I get to stay with my dad and have a week of fun with him. Two of my closest friends have birthdays over this week so I get to celebrate with them without having the stress of coming home to homework and staying up late afterwards. Having the spare time to be with these people is very important to me.

Most of the week I plan on just relaxing and rejuvenating.  I am going to sleep as much as I can so that I can finally catch up on all of my sleep and feel well-rested. A family friend just gave me a new book to start so I am going to bring it to the beach with me and read while I relax to the sound of ocean waves. Since Winter Break I have spent a very small amount of time in the sun so I cannot wait to soak it in and rest.

The last weekend of this week I have family coming into town from Colorado and I get to go spend time with them. My dad’s first cousin and his family have not been to Florida in years so my Dad and I are looking forward to showing them around Lake Worth.

Overall, the the theme of this week for me is rest and rejuvenation. The fourth quarter is going to be very hectic and busy so I plan on laying low this week in preparation for that business. Spring Break is desperately needed for me and my overall sanity.


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