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Wanisha Thomas

 Wanisha’s Classified Spring-Break Survival Guide

Being born and raised in South Florida, completing- the seemingly short, list of activities, spring break, much like any other break, can seem anti-climatic.

As a senior, this is my last high school spring break. The last time I will get to freely be with my friends before we’re all spread across state, with different scheduled breaks.

The same plans everyday or, sometimes, no plans at all add up to an uneventful and, for lack of better words, boring break.

However, I’m here to fill you in on all inexpensive things I’ll be doing to ensure my break and yours is filled with great memories and laughter.



  • Bonfires: living in Florida, as ungrateful as we are, we’re granted with the greatest weather. Sitting around a fire, toasting marshmallows to make s’mores, and singing karaoke is the perfect way to kick-off the break. Sharing stories and making more unforgettable memories.
  • Road trips: Nothing bonds a group more than singing along to the radio, fighting over snacks, and complaints of having to use the restroom. Grab a group of close friends and hit the road, with a destination of course. Disney, Universal, Epcot, Island of Adventure- you name it. The thrill of skyscraping roller coasters and screaming with friends makes any amusement park a blast.
  • Beach (Revamped): take a Ferry out to peanut island! Not everyone has a boat to travel to this sandy island, but with a $10 round trip to this beach. There you can snorkel, kayak, or just lay and enjoy the sun with friends.


With a these fun activities, mini pool days and sleep you’re bound to survive this, otherwise, boring break.


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