Nia Ford

Madison Elia

Last spring break of high school what to do, what to do? For starters I will definitely be playing a lot of golf, catching up on sleep and preparing mentally for the end of senior year!

I look so forward to any time of the year there is a break involved. School can be overwhelming but pushing through and taking a few breaks here and there definitely are beneficial to hardworking students like myself. This break is very special to me because not only am I relaxing and enjoying time with my family I will be working at Delray Beach golf club to help teach golf clinics to all ages. This is a goal I have had for awhile to accomplish and to be able to help the younger generation, the ones who look up to players like myself to help them to become better at golf too. This has been a way to give me purpose in the game of golf as I was lacking hope in myself within this game.

On the other hand, I finally will have time to get things done that I haven’t been able to catch up on while in school. This will definitely help to make me feel less stressed. I look forward to the event Florida Atlantic University is holding for admitted students over break, I will be able to check out the school and see if I like the campus life there, while I may even be making it as they say it “Owlfficial” while I am there.

Some things you might want to do while on break though!

-We live in Florida and have many beaches, get out the house and take in the salty air and hit the waters.

-Check out a new place; Food, Art, Music etc. its South Florida there’s plenty of cool little unknown spots.

-Stay out of trouble! Try some alone time, away from crowds really do some self-care.

-Have fun!

No matter what grade you are in enjoy the break, make memories and chill out, life does not get easier, take it day by day!




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