Gevorg Mnatsakanyan and Shayna Garcia both go as Russel and Carl Fredricksen, an iconic duo from Up.

Gev’s Quarantine

The quarantine actually really stinks and has held me back from everything. My days have been the same: they start usually around 1 pm when I wake up and go through my regular morning routine, sometimes I go out for a run at this time but if it’s too hot then it’s not worth it and I’ll just move onto the next part of my day. Around 2 is when I’ll usually call my friends and see if they want to get on Playstation and play and that’s how my day goes unless I get work. I haven’t been working that much because my parents don’t want me to work and yes, Starbucks is still open and you don’t understand how busy it’s been constantly. We are one of the few stores open because we have a drive thru and customers can’t come inside but the cars have been lined up all the way down Congress for some damn coffee. My job is offering 30 days of paid leave because of the virus and I took that option but I told my manager will work one more week because if you decide to stay instead of the 30 days you get an extra $3 an hour so I’m trying to get as much as I can. 

My parents haven’t let me go anywhere. I really want to see my friends and I feel so lazy and bored from staying home for two weeks already. I really miss school and wish this could all go away because I want to go back. I enjoy the presence of other people and just being able to go out again. School was a part of my everyday life and now that it’s gone it feels just weird. It really stinks that all school related things are cancelled. I wish we could still walk the stage for graduation. I could forget everything else, but the graduation ceremony was the one thing I’m really sad about and still have hope that it could happen. I deep cleaned my room a few days ago because it’s been a while since everything was cleaned and organized. I got so bored the other day I went outside and filled the windshield wiper tank in all the cars at my house. 

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