Kailyn Licari

Kailyn’s Quarantine

I remember people joking about how in almost every year ending in 20 there has been some kind of epidemic or pandemic. I of course laughed it off and now I’m sitting in quarantine thinking about how weirdly accurate that joke was. 

It all still feels so surreal; I mean, I’m aware of what’s happening but it still hasn’t really set in that this is reality. Being in quarantine has kind of felt listless. Every day kind of feels the same as the last and if I’m being honest I have no track of time anymore. Being forced to stay at home isn’t much fun. I usually would voluntarily stay inside on the weekends but now that the choice between staying and going out is non existent, I feel trapped. Theoretically, my first thought when I had free time was, “hey let’s go to the beach”? Did I go? No. But do I now do I wish I could? Of course I do. 

The funny thing about this quarantine is that it’s affecting me mentally. When I say that I mean that the constricting confinements I find myself in with the addition of a dangerous epidemic has made my brain say, “instead of worrying about this, let’s drown yourself in comforting things from when stuff was normal.” Some of these “comforts” were things like drawing, which I haven’t really done much of in the past couple of months. I started watching old shows I hadn’t seen since middle school as well as started re listening to the awful “angsty” music I used to listen to. I actually went through a bunch of old artwork and started literally bawling my eyes out from the nostalgia. That’s also another side effect of this whole quarantine fiasco. I have become hyper sensitive and will cry over literally anything. A random old song comes on my playlist? Niagara Falls. I see a video of a sad child? An ocean of tears. 

So in short, I think I’m handling this whole quarantine thing pretty well if I do say so myself. 

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