Kailyn Licari

Students, Alayna Reddick, Lauren Klemowich and Sabrina Luu, chatting and eating their treats.

Lauren’s Thanks

Even though this school year has not ended the way anyone could have ever imagined, I am so grateful to have been able to make countless memories these last four years of high school. 

My family has always been my biggest support system, encouraging me to do anything I put my mind to and being there for me throughout high school. Sometimes, especially during junior year, I would overthink about a test or become nervous and anxious about upcoming grades. My family were the ones to push me and tell me to never give up. 

Thank you to all the remarkable teachers I have had these last four years of high school. I have learned so much and made numerous memories in the classroom. Thank you to Mr. Carruthers and Mr. Roach for always telling us stories and jokes everyday and thank you to Mr. Jayne and Ms. Mangone for always being so supportive and a person to talk to.

To Alayna, thank you for being an amazing editor and friend this year. Thank you for putting up with me and driving wherever we had to go to live tweet the football and basketball games. I will forever remember those moments especially when we went all the way to Boca to take pictures of the basketball team at their district game and we forgot the one thing that we needed, the memory card.

Last but definitely not least, thank you to Mrs. Clifton for being one of the best teachers that I have ever had. I would have never thought that after high school I would have read two Shakespeare plays and understood what Shakespeare was trying to convey. It was a scary and daunting task but we all made it through. Also, thank you for being an amazing newspaper advisor. I am so grateful to be able to be a part of Newspaper this year. It really made my senior year fun and special.

There are countless moments that I will miss after high school including dressing up for spirit days, screaming for the spirit stick, and going to football and basketball games.

This year was cut short, however, I am proud to be in the Class of 2020 and can not wait to see all the amazing things we accomplish.


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