Miranda McRae

This year I am thankful for all my friends and for introducing me into car meets. Now it might sound dumb but it helped me to get behind the wheel again. After getting in a car accident last year I was terrified to drive. Just being in a car gave me so much anxiety. A little while after my accident I met a new group of friends who I love with my whole heart. They introduced me to the car community and that it isn’t so bad. I’ve been in enough cars to know they are safe, it just comes down to how you drive. Driving in a bad way will get you and others hurt, if you know your car, you know how to control it. After a while, I slowly gained the confidence to get behind the wheel. At this point I’ve been through enough situations and have seen enough things to know it is okay. My friends have helped me get rid of the anxiety that I get while being in a car. Now even though it’s not completely gone, I don’t turn around every red light to make sure I am not going to get hit. It seems crazy that something like that could bring me to drive again. But it helped so much. I am so thankful that I started going to these meets. I am thankful for what people have done for me so I could gain the confidence again to drive.  

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