Azwad Ahmed

The “Good Vibe Tribe” desk decor alongside my prayer bead bracelet.

Azwad Ahmed

In a time like no other, I try to immerse myself in photography and music. COVID-19 has forced me to stay at home for most of my day, so taking photos keeps me busy, while the music keeps me entertained.

Taking photos for both my personal experience and for The Tribe has opened my eyes and opened the airways of creativity to flow within my brain like a newly installed shower head. Nowadays I look at random objects and think of how I’d manually focus on them or find the best ISO or shutter speeds to capture a memorable moment. My friends always get annoyed but they get some pretty nice shots so they can’t really complain.

1.  Blueberry Incense Sticks 

Now some may wonder what in the world what I’m talking about, but trust me these incense sticks have kept me at peace for the last 10 months. They allow me to feel relaxed and productive.  I purchase them from Amazon with 1 box of 120 sticks costing me $10.29. The incense is here to stay.

2.  My Airpods 

This may be a very generic item, but quite honestly the Airpods is worth the investment. My Airpods were given to me as a birthday gift from my wonderful group of friends. In the year I’ve had them, I don’t think there has been a day where I didn’t use Airpods. They are especially helpful when at football games or soccer games, and I want to communicate the score or commentary to my fellow Tribe writers.

3. Prayer Bead Bracelet 

Given to me by a close friend, my prayer bead bracelet has always come in handy whenever I get anxious. It’s one of the accessories that everyone notices when I’m out in public.

4. Christopher Nolan Films 

Although very confusing to watch at first, Christopher Nolan films will always have a special place in my heart. With it’s confusing dream world and different levels, “Inception” is a radiant experience for all. Nolan’s newest release, “Tenet” is a must-watch for many,  following suit with most of his other films, “Tenet” is confusing the first watch. Once you understand the plot and everything clicks, you will start to appreciate the amazing storytelling presented by Nolan.

5. My “I <3 NY” Hat

This item is a very special one to me as it was a gift from one of my closest friends ever. The hat goes with literally any outfit in my closet. I’ve worn the hat to many sports games where I had to take photos and videos. It really completes the whole “photographer” aesthetic. Down the road, I hope to wear the hat in NYC and complete the journey.

6.  Old Skool Vans 

A shoe worn by many, this classic can be paired with anything. I love that I can throw these on and know that the outfit is complete.

7. “The Weeknd Spotify Keychain” 

Hand made as a Secret Santa gift, this keychain has a hand-drawn picture of The Weeknd’s album cover for “After Hours”. At the bottom, there is a Spotify barcode. When scanned, Spotify will redirect you to the song “Save Your Tears”, my personal favorite from the 2020 album.

8. Logitech Speakers 

Also gifted to me by my best friend, (I have really generous friends) these speakers absolutely changed my life. The quality is almost studio-like and I can’t stop using them.  Highly recommend it for anyone looking for some excellent speakers at a reasonable price point.

9. My “Good Vibe Tribe” Desk Decor

This house-like structure fits nicely on top of the subwoofer for the Logitech speakers. Whenever I gaze upon it I am reminded of two things, in the end, everything will be alright and The Tribe. The Tribe really embodies “good vibes” as we work as a team, encourage collaboration amongst one another, and treat one another with respect.

10. My “Aytul Kursi” Necklace

A gift from my mother, the “Aytul Kursi” is a well-known verse from the Quran that is used to fend off evil entities. With the verse written on the necklace in Arabic, I always feel blessed and protected from any harm. This necklace is one that I will keep with me for the rest of my life.

An essential that I wouldn’t even consider ranking because they will always come first is family. I am truly blessed to have amazing loved ones who continuously show unconditional love and support.

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