Daniela Martinez


  1. My Instrumental/Classical playlist

This playlist is everything to me. I listen to it when I study, when I’m doing homework, when I’m running, literally every second of the day. The pieces I listen to are so beautiful and perfectly crafted that I am so grateful to have ears. It’s so soothing to my mind. I’d literally go insane without my playlist.

  1. Stranger Things

My comfort series.  I have watched who knows how many times and I can never get sick of it. It brings back good memories and I just love the entire cast and plot.

  1. Criminal Minds

Currently my favorite show. I’m obsessed with the whole idea surround justice and the characters of the show are just so well developed. Their intelligence and careers make me want to grow up to be them.

  1. Coffee

The first thing I drink in the morning and one of the last things I drink in the evening. It doesn’t even keep me awake anymore, I just love the way it tastes and smells when it’s brewing.

  1. Candles

I love lighting one up while I do my homework. It makes me feel calm, especially the Red Apple Wreath one. I’m a sucker for Christmas candles year-round.

  1. Bad Bunny

My oh my. His music has diversity and his lyrics… they’ve definitely helped me through so much. His songs also make me feel alive. Plus, he is morally educated and he just does not care about what anyone says about him. His confidence radiates and it inspires me.

  1. Billie Eilish

I started listening to Billie my sophomore year and ever since I’ve basically been in love with her music and her as a person. She isn’t afraid of what people think. She’s completely herself and I think I look up to her a lot because I struggle with my self-image and how other people may view me. Also, her songs get me through a lot, I like to explore the deeper meaning behind her music. Her recent song “Lo Vas A Olvidar” couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. “When the party’s over” will forever have my heart too. She’s just so talented. Oh, and we have the same birthday!

  1. Running

I am not the best runner, but running without a said destination is one of the best feelings. I’m usually listening to my music and that’s all I’m thinking about at that given moment. Life can be overwhelming but running helps me escape reality for a little.

  1. Working Out

One of my favorite moments of the day. After a long day of sitting down, I look forward to blasting my music and working out for a while. Alike running, it sometimes helps me clear my mind. Other times, it helps me think more clearly.

  1. My Blue Sweatshirt

My home in a piece of clothing. I have this blue sweatshirt that I feel so warm and cozy in. It’s actually a Rick and Morty one, my sisters and I all loved that show. It’s definitely different from anything I usually watch. But that sweatshirt makes me feel comfortable in the sense that I don’t care how I look in it. It just matters how I feel in it. Slowly, I’m learning to care less what people think.

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