Sabrina McCranels

Sabrina’s family pets, Lola and Chewy.

Sabrina McCranels

1. Tik Tok

With the short attention span I have, scrolling through Tik Tok on the daily has helped fill spare time or even time I’m supposed to be doing other things like homework or cleaning. It honestly helps me go to sleep on most nights but I’m realizing that my dreams are typically having to do with whatever Tik Tok that I watched before I turn my phone off which is pretty funny. 

2. Family

My family has been a huge influence in my life and more so during this pandemic. My little sister coming into my room to gossip every night or the daily hug I give my mom (a 20-second hug is proven to improve your mood) have been small blessings and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

3.Lola and Chewy

Lola and Chewy are the family pets. Lola is this 6-pound chihuahua while Chewy is a 9-pound cat and the best part is that Lola has so much fight in her and my cat just knows that she can’t do anything that will actually hurt him. 

4. Taylor Swift 

Getting two new albums after an album I’m not partially fond of was something that was needed. Also, I don’t really like just listening to the radio while I drive so needless to say, I have the songs memorized in order now.

5. Netflix

I enjoy bingeing through shows that have at least five seasons to them. It’s a bad habit but I’m not going to change it now. My most recent show binge was the Queen’s Gambit although after watching the only season in a day I remembered how much I wanted another season and how impatient I truly am. I’m currently watching the newest season of The Magicians before I start rewatching Supernatural or something.

6. Painting

Painting has been a difficult task for me during these times with major creative blocks but once I get an idea I emerge myself with acrylics and the canvas. Although I have this one painting that was a decent idea although, I’m extremely terrified to add the features of the eyes and nose so it’s now sitting on my easel waiting.

7. Music 

I’ve always wanted to expand my music taste and the pandemic has given me the chance to do just that. I’ve discovered about 17 new artists that I truly enjoy day in and day out and I’m starting to slowly get into the soft rock genre which is a little daring for someone who enjoys indie.

8. Minecraft

About halfway through the pandemic, I decided to splurge a little and get Minecraft for my phone. It was part of me wanting to stop using Tik Tok so much and also trying to help with my creative blocks. Indulging in a different kind of art if you will. I only have 2 worlds and both are creative worlds but, I’m finally getting to spots where I’m happy with them both. Maybe the next world would be a survival world.

9. College planning

College, in general, is extremely terrifying and anxiety-inducing but it’s something in my family that is non-negotiable. Planning out the fun things and finding out the different activities we can do around campus or when their color guard auditions are has been easier to swallow than the part about living on my own. 

10. Color Guard

Back in March, the color guard season got cut fairly short and then our marching season got canceled and then there was a major chance that we weren’t going to get a winter season this year. Although, once we did get the okay for this season and we had out tryouts I felt just a little bit normal again. 

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