Mrs. Connors with her dog Bev!


Anybody that truly knows me knows I’m full of doubt. Luckily, I’ve been blessed with the ability to have teachers who believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. But Mrs. Connors believed in me when I failed. No literally, I failed my AICE English Language exam my sophomore year. But I decided to retake it and Mrs. Connors sat with another student and I until we understood. She tried various methods, she even had a conversational exam to guide our thinking until we could do it on our own. Some people may overlook this effort because they assume that’s what teachers are supposed to do. But it meant a lot to me when Mrs. Connors didn’t give up on me, and she didn’t allow me to give up on myself either. 

Mrs. Connors’ class was my favorite class both my freshman and sophomore years. Besides the fact that I enjoy my English classes, Mrs. Connors just made me look forward to attending class. Every day, she’d have a new story to tell us, and I recall laughing or just smiling. Then she’d move onto teaching and it would have created a great vibe to start the class. Or sometimes she’d end the class with a funny story. Also, the way she taught was just incredible. I think it derives from her passion and dedication to teaching, and that’s a quality in a teacher that cannot be taught. 

I’m beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to be taught by Mrs. Connors. I can’t describe the impact she’s had on my high school career and my character. Thank you for everything Mrs. Connors, you’re not allowed to ever doubt yourself now!

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