Photo courtesy of Chanel Smith

Chanel’s mom and dad during their years together.

Chanel Smith

      In this life, I’m thankful and grateful for many things; things that I can write a book about that goes on and on. But today, I’m gonna say I’m thankful for my parents. My parents may not be together, but as a whole, they try their best to give me the world.

     Some people don’t have parents that give them 50/50. Some don’t see their parents. There’s a lot of things some parents don’t do, and I just thank God everyday for blessing me with my parents and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

     I’m thankful for them for letting me make mistakes and learning from them, teaching me what’s right from wrong, and just letting me stay educated and telling me to accomplish my goals you have, to get up and do something about it.

     As my parents gets older, and as I grow up, I understand why they do so many things and tell me so many important things. When I was younger, I never really understood, but now I do. They just want me to have a great life and do things I won’t regret because you only have one life to live.

When I’m older, the only thing I want to do is give everything they gave to me. I wanna show them I appreciate them; I wanna take care of them. I love them.

But that’s what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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