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Joeco Tabernilla

Joeco Tabernilla wanted the AICE diploma in order to attain the Bright Futures scholarship and knew that it would help him get ahead of the curve. For him, there wasn’t much difficulty in the AICE program but if there were, he was able to adjust over time. The biggest challenge for him was managing these classes with his other commitments in extracurriculars.

His favorite class was AICE Environmental with Mrs. Renzette since she was caring and made the class engaging and interesting. Another class he liked was AICE General Papers since it aided in advancing his writing skills and gave him the chance to talk about a variety of topics. Joeco advises anyone who wants the diploma to strive for it but to be wary about how you’re spending your time and to know your limits. He believes that the best strategy to deal with these classes is to consistently work in increments to not stress yourself out.

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