Rune (they/she)

Rune (they/she)

Ronique Wauchope

Ronique Wauchope sought after the diploma to gain the financial benefits it provided and saw it as a tangible way to obtain the Bright Futures scholarship. They faced many difficulties during this program as it was overwhelming due to the pressure of having to pass the exam since it would determine their eligibility for obtaining the scholarship.

Ronique’s favorite AICE class was Environmental Management with the “amazing instructor,” Ms.Renzette. They had doubts about passing the exam but with Ms.Renzette’s confidence, they were able to pass with a B. Ronique advises anyone who wants the AICE Diploma not to think that isolation is the key to success. Instead, having a group to be in close contact with, especially near exams, helps as it provides people for you to study with and talk with before/after exams, alleviating the fear that you are the only one stressing out.

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