Santaluces Performs Their Way Through Winter

December 26, 2018

Santaluces performing arts students once again blew away local students and staff with their talent. The Chiefs had many events going on, including their winter concert and a parade. As musical students, these students put a lot of hard work and dedication into their work as musicians, and these events are their way to show off their hard work to the public.

2018 Winter Concert

Ethan Jayne

The Santaluces band plays songs from The Polar Express during their concert on Friday

2018 Winter Concert

The Santaluces Chorus and Band performed their winter concert Friday night

Ethan Jayne
Baritone player, Parker Perez, prepares for Saturday’s Christmas parade in Lake Worth

The Santaluces band and chorus put on a performance on Friday night at their annual winter concert. The concert featured many performances, from rock bands to guard solos.

The PAC was packed, with every seat filled to enjoy all of the hard work and dedication these Santaluces art students put into their work.

Jesus Gomez, senior and drum major for the Marching Chiefs, reflected on why he loves conducting the band:

“I love the feeling of being able to conduct great music.”

Jesus Gomez took a lead of the band for the past month, taking a lead in musical practice and organization of the band.

The performing arts allows students at Santaluces to gain new experiences, and the thrill of a concert cannot be conquered.

Chorus and band student, Franklin Ticas describes his experience within the performing arts at Santaluces:

“[Being an instrumentalist and vocalist] starting this year has really opened my variety of how I can express myself.”

If you missed the winter concert, you can watch the Lake Worth Christmas parade this Saturday, in which the Santaluces Marching Chiefs will take over the streets to perform winter music hits.

A Nutcracker Holiday Parade

Ethan Jayne

A “Two-Sided” car catches a lot of attention during the holiday parade

A Nutcracker Holiday Parade

Santaluces marched their way through Lake Worth Saturday night

Every year, the city of Lake Worth holds its holiday parade, an event in which many of the locals can come and view organizations and bands in the area perform and participate in the parade.

This year, the parade was labeled with the name of “nutcracker holiday parade” and saw participates from all over Lake Worth and beyond.

Some of these participates were local restaurants, local award winning teams, and the Santaluces Marching Chiefs, who shocked the crowd and stole the show.

Nicolas Annalora, a sophomore baritone player for the marching chiefs, shares his thoughts on the parade and the experience it brings him:

“I get [to] express what I’ve learned as a musician and marcher while being happy and spending time with my band family.”

As a yearly tradition, the chiefs go and perform in the parade. During lasts years parade, the chiefs took the first place band trophy to chief country.

Lake Worth holds many events throughout the year, some of which can be found here.

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