Spring Play Announced

Shakespeare’s “The Twelfth Night”

Living in Florida means that signs marking the beginning of spring are few; however, the spring play put on by the Tomahawk Theatre Company can be an indicator that indeed, spring has arrived.

The play is Shakespeare’s “The Twelfth Night.” The setting is going to be in a recording studio in the 1970s and 1980s. The change on time periods is an interesting choice that is puzzling to many. The story is also puzzling and often confusing. It is a romantic comedy in which women dress as men, the dead come back to life, and true love prevails.

“I needed to make Shakespeare more accessible to our students,” said director of the drama department, Mr. Fetterly.

The advanced classes are going to be adapting the script for the next few weeks leading up to auditions. The play is going to be 5 acts condensed into an hour and a half performance.

All students can audition for the 14 speaking roles or to be in the chorus of singers and dancers performing pop songs in the studio.

“I’m adding music because we have such an important musical theatre program here, and, again, I feel like it will make the text more accessible to our students,” said Fetterly.

Interested students should see Mr. Fetterly in the Little Theatre before the end of February. Auditions are suspected to begin in early March.

“Twelfth Night will be like nothing that has ever been performed here before,” said Fetterly.

As far as modernizing characters, Olivia will be Madonna, the Duke of Soul will be Prince, and the androgynous twins will be a combination of Annie Lennox, Michael Jackson, or Boy George.

“Our students are so scared by Shakespeare,” said Fetterly. “We’re already pros at putting on big, splashy musicals. This gives us the chance to do both.”