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Santaluces High School

The Tribe

Santaluces High School

The Tribe

COS: Aanyah Evans

COS: Aanyah Evans

Leah Fleurinor, Staff Writer January 24, 2023

Aanyah Evans is an AICE-taking Junior here at Santaluces that will be graduating early along with the Class of 2023.  Unfortunately, Aanyah was a part of the Freshman class during the COVID year that...

Bryanne taking a few pictures with some balloons she received during lunch.

COS: Bryanne Elie

Leah Fleurinor, Staff Writer January 6, 2023

Bryanne Elie is an exceptional and brilliant Junior here at Santaluces. Bryanne is taking several AICE and AP classes while participating in clubs. She is a part of National Honors Society and First Priority...

Alejandra posing for a photo.

COS: Alejandra Moreno

Tristen Sanders, Staff Writer December 20, 2022

Alejandra is a Freshman this year at Santaluces. During her five months of being here, she has had a very positive experience on a day-to-day basis as well as school events. I asked Alejandra what her...

Naeemah posing for her Newspaper photo.

COS: Naeemah Cerizier

Tre Robinson, Staff Writer December 19, 2022

Today, we had the chance to meet 10th grader Naeemah Cerizier who is a student here at Santaluces. She says that her favorite part about school here is the community and inclusion at Santaluces. She says...

Senior Marie is hoping to attend FAMU.

COS: Marie Pierre

Leah Fleurinor, Staff Writer December 1, 2022

Marie Pierre is a brilliant Senior here at Santaluces and continues to challenge and push herself on taking accelerated classes. Although she feels as if the pandemic has taken away her full high school...

This is Justin, a Sophomore here at Santaluces.

COS: Justin Krouse

Cindy Apolonio Romero, Staff Writer November 28, 2022

Justin Krouse is a student at Santaluces High School. Currently, Krouse is a Sophomore and participates in the E-Sports club. This club has competitive members that compete in video games. One of Justin's...

This is Chlo participating during Decades Day.

COS: Chlorena Pochette

Cindy Apolonio Romero, Staff Writer October 22, 2022

An outstanding student here at Santaluces is Chlorena Pochette. An active member of the Key Club, she strives to help her community by giving her time volunteering. Chlorena, also known as Chlo, is a new...

Louckens Philippe had a lot to say regarding his school life and the culture here at Santaluces.

COS: Louckens Philippe

Jalisha Rowen, Staff Writer September 22, 2022

A student's perspective is a very significant thing to listen to, especially in high school since it allows you (as teachers and administrators) to understand what goes through the students' minds and...

Jazmin Guialdo holding her award for Student of the Year for beginning chorus.

COS: Jazmin Guialdo

Bryanne Elie, Staff Writer August 24, 2022

Jazmin Guialdo is currently a Junior who is a part of the Singing Chiefs here at Santaluces. Her experience at Santaluces has been really positive as she has met many nice people who have become amazing...

KJ Jean is a senior here at Santaluces.

COS: KJ Jean

Chanel Smith, Staff Writer April 13, 2022

KJ Jean is a Senior here at Santaluces, KJ is funny, outgoing, and isn't scared to speak up. KJ has dreams of learning and launching a business in trading. Yesterday I interviewed him and this is what...

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