The Revenant Shakes Up The Box Office

Alan McGonigle

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Opening Day Preview
March 31, 2017

Oscar season is the time when movies are critically analyzed and everyone becomes a movie critic.

The Revenant is a drama film with Leonardo DiCaprio playing Hugh Glass, a hunter and pelt collector, who is left stranded in the harsh winter climate of Northern America. He goes against Tom Hardy, the main antagonist in the story. Hardy plays John Fitzgerald who wants to leave him for dead in the wilderness as he is slowing the party down.

Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu directed this film, and he and DiCaprio got together for this movie to make a run at the Oscars. Iñárritu previously made a run at an Oscar with his movie Birdman, and won best film. This film was expected to break the box office, competing with Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the most revenue brought in. The Force Awakens has brought in over $1.78 billion worldwide, while The Revenant has brought in $77 million.

The Revenant has shaken up the cinema world. This gritty and gory film was almost beautiful with how precisely it was created. Iñárritu is known for very long scenes with copious amounts of transitions. A perfect example is in his Oscar winning film Birdman, in which scenes would last for around 10 to 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the directors refuse to disclose as to how many shots the film took in total. The renowned director not only filmed this piece of art, but he also filmed it using all natural lighting.

This film is a must-see film for anyone who likes an action-packed movie with a stellar plot. Everything about this film was great, and it stressed the idea of revenge. The entire film is based on revenge, and how DiCaprio’s character (Hugh Glass) was so hungry for vengeance against Tom Hardy (John Fitzgerald). The movie almost gives off the message of revenge being justifiable in certain cases.

It was an intense movie that had myself and others at the edge of our seats. Although there were some very gory scenes, the movie was jaw-dropping and its overall cinematography was marvelous.

DiCaprio had to withstand a harsh climate and also make many sacrifices in order for this film to be as realistic and as gritty as possible. Many have stated that DiCaprio had to get to near hypothermic-inducing temperatures by jumping into freezing water, eat raw bison liver, and even went as far as to sleep in dead animal carcass.

With the film being nominated for over 12 Oscars, and DiCaprio winning the Golden Globe for his lead role in this film, it is looking more and more likely that DiCaprio will finally win cinema’s most coveted award: the Oscar.

The Academy should just hand him the Oscar already because he has been robbed enough.