Modern Money

The new hundred-dollar recently went into circulation, and about 3.5 billion dollars are out. The new bill will feature a splash of new colors and new features to identify if it’s authentic. The features were planned since 2010, but because of delays, the bill couldn’t be out before. What’s surprising is that the bills came out despite the recent government shutdown.

The old bill is nothing like the new one, although it still features Franklin’s face on the front and the White House on the back.  On the front, there is a security thread that goes down the middle of the bill and an inkwell with the number 100 printed on it. Above the inkwell, there is a symbol of freedom: a feather; the declaration of independence was signed with a feather.

Now it’s become much easier to distinguish the authentic bills from the phony ones. Although it might not look real the first time you see it, you will get more used to them the more you see them.