New Quarter, New Opportunities

New Quarter, New Opportunities

Spirit week is finished, Homecoming has passed, and a new quarter has begun. We are now in the second nine weeks of this school year and halfway through the semester. But have students been getting the grades they’ve expected? Through the average high school career, many students will have a quarter when they need improvements or strategies to get better grades for the future.

“I’ve seen my grades from last quarter and I’ve learned some habits or distractions I need to let go of to get back on track,” said Christopher Chookolingo, Junior

Others may have seen the progress they’ve made and wish to keep building from where they’ve gotten so far.

“I see the progress I’m making right now with my AP classes and all I really wish is to keep doing better this quarter and the ones after,” said Luciana Miranda, Senior

Many students even set out to make goals for the new quarter like exceeding their usual grades.

“If I can, I’m really hoping for straight A’s this nine weeks and maybe even the one after that as well,” said Justice Fearon, Senior

One great thing to know about our school, our teachers and the people who run it is they care. They always give us advice and the comments they make every day are actually useful.

“We say this usually but some advice for the students here is checking your Edline,” said science teacher Mr. Lorenz. “If you keep track of your grades you’ll do so much better than what you already do now.”

Another piece of advice that is really useful for students is also something that is a little on the common sense side.

“Don’t wait till last minute!!! It will help you so much more to keep track of what you’re doing and even stay up to date with a friend who pays attention or has their work completed on time,” said science teacher Ms. Rubow.

But one big piece of advice comes from the one woman who is running this school at its best.

“Just apply yourself,” said Dr. Weigel. “Everyone that steps foot on to this school has a gift in every way; no student should believe it’s too hard or they have no potential  because everyone has that one gift.”

So what will you change this nine weeks? What strategies will you apply? And most importantly, what’s your goal for this quarter?