The Fastest Chief on Campus


The fastest teacher at Santaluces is Mr. Yohe. Last month, Mr. Yohe jumped in an IndyCar and topped 170 mph down the straightaways of Miami Homestead Speedway. He ended up averaging 153 mph on his ride, which was about 30 minutes.

“It was much more than I expected and I would do it again anytime,” said Yohe.

While getting ready to start racing, he saw a car smack the wall at 135 mph on his fourth turn. That made him take the whole thing more seriously because he could see himself being that person.

His children, ten-year-old daughter, Alyssa Yohe and four-year-old son, Danny Yohe  saw the car smack the wall also and that made them really nervous. They told Yohe to be safe when he was racing on the track.

Mr. Yohe, who has been teaching for 13 years and teaches juniors and seniors, has been an IndyCar fan since he was seven years old. He always wanted to race a IndyCar and that dream came true. The IndyCars are very fast but they are also very safe, said Yohe.  He said the entire car is very tight, and your body perfectly fits the seat. The car has incredible power, said Yohe, and is designed to be fast like no other. “I could really feel the gravity force on the turns,” said Yohe. “While I was driving, everything seemed to be in slow motion.”